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4th November 2014
Sex Health Matters News

Chlamydia and Gonorrhea Testing is Important for Young Women Male Contraceptive Gel Sex For Women Age 50 and...
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24th October 2014
Sex Health Matters News

FDA, Women to Discuss Female Sexual Health. Survey Asks Women About Sexual Desire. Erectile Dysfunction - Wh...
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14th October 2014
EAASM Newsletter

EAASM is the European Alliance for the Access to Safe Medicine. A consumer awareness campaign to develop publi...
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4th September 2014
World Sexual Health Day 2014

Dear colleagues On World Sexual Health Day 2014, the new declaration of sexual rights is released and is no...
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13th July 2014
Sex Health Matters News

What Is Asexuality? Sildenafil and Skin Cancer. Birth control pills might influence the way women rate men's a...
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26th June 2014
The results of the British Heart Foundation sex survey are available

Up until now, you may not have felt you could talk openly about your sexual concerns. Perhaps you've been wait...
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13th May 2014
SexHealthMatters News 14 May 2014

SexHealthMatters News 14 May 2014 -Is Your Medication Ruining Your Sex Drive? -For Older Couples, Regular ...
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19th March 2014
SexHealthMatters News 19-Mar-2014

-Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). -men with coronary artery disease are more likely to have erectile...
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10th March 2014
SexHealthMatters News 10-Mar-2014

-Partners Aren't Always Bothered by Premature Ejaculation -circumcision doesn't negatively affect a man's sex...
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24th February 2014
SexHealthMatters News 24/Feb/2014

- Erectile dysfunction can be caused by smoking - Men might have more erection problems when their female par...
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